Spiritual Suicide.

Published in: Theology.

I already wrote about our sin nature, and our need to focus on “killing” it. The Christian scriptures speak of this notion of “dying to self” as the means to ridding ourselves of our sin nature. It is important to understand that we cannot dispense of our sin nature on our own. It is the power of God that does this.

Though God is responsible, we help or hinder the process. In the surrender of ourselves, our thoughts, our actions, and our plans to Him, we are “dying to self.” Our surrender puts us in a position for God to transform us. This is the truth behind spiritual disciplines.1 They are acts in submission; by giving up our assumed control, we allow God to work. We kill our selves, and He creates new beings. Redeemed beings.

  1. Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline is highly recommended.




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