How to Answer Your Phone.

Published in: Life.

With the proliferation of cell phones, here is the new rule on answering your phone:

If you know the caller, answer by addressing the caller by name. If you do not know the caller, answer by giving your name.


  • Unknown Caller: <ring> <ring>
  • Me: Hi, this is Brent
  • Known Caller (named “John”): <ring> <ring>
  • Me: Hi John!

This resolves all kinds of awkwardness. “Hello” just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s ridiculous to ask for someone if they’re using a cell phone. That phone belongs to only one person. Giving your name gets that out of the way. Addressing the caller by name also removes any need for the caller to ask for someone or declare themselves. It is all simpler.

The new rule. You heard it here first. Now go do it.




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