Christmas Music.

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DeWinter WonderlandChristmas music is a hard sell for me. I would like to have more, but 99% of it is cheesy versions of the same songs, and it’s difficult for me to justify spending money on music I can only listen to for a month out of the year.

Free Christmas music is a good compromise. iTunes has free downloads of The Temptations’ “Silent Night” and “Christmas Time is Here” by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. I’ve particularly enjoyed “Christmas Time is Here;” it’s a touch of class covered in nostalgia. A free Christmas album I’ve had on virtual repeat this year is DeWinter Wonderland from my friends Daniel and Mackenzie DeWitt.1 Its original takes on classic Christmas songs is a breath of fresh air against the backdrop of over-produced, over-polished Christmas music. It’s a great album, and it’s free. You have no excuse not to download it.

  1. Full disclosure: I designed and built the page for DeWinter Wonderland.
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