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  • Recommended Reading, Volume 5.

    Design Hey, Designers: Stop Trying To Be So Damned Clever (via @necolas) What Screens Want (via @jonathanstegall) Life Welcome to Dinovember (via @seriouspony) You and Your Research (via @blankenship) Face-o-mat Travels the World – 2013 (via @chriscoyier) In The Stanley Parable, Finding The Story Is The Game Web Development The Pastry Box Project: November 12, […]

  • Recommended Reading, Volume 4.

    Design Design is never “Done” (via @sambrown) Web Development Responsive Design, Screens, and Shearing Layers (via @beep) On Using Viewports to Make Responsive Design Decisions (via @lukew) We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It (via @lukew) Offline Support is Valuable, and You Can’t Add it Later (via Unstoppable […]

  • Link: Button.

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    This project embodies so much that I like about creating things: the desire to do something big and then settling down to do big things with something little. To do a simple thing elegantly and with excellence, I find it so satisfying.

  • Link: Jonathan Hoefler on Web Typography.

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    The ease of CSS @font-face makes obstacles to web typography even more frustrating. There are end user licenses to navigate (or give up and turn to open licensed fonts) and the sometimes drastic rendering differences between platforms and browsers. Jonathan Hoefler, of Hoefler & Frere-Jones offers an intriguing perspective on the obstacles facing designing type […]