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  • Safari CSS Bug: nth-child.

    Published in: Web Development.

    Working on a current project I discovered a bug in Safari’s implementation of nth-child. It seems to be fixed in version 5.1, so this only affects older Safari versions. I was unable to find this specific bug documented easily, so I’ve done so here. The W3 spec for nth-child allows for whitespace in certain places: […]

  • Link: Jonathan Hoefler on Web Typography.

    Published in: Design.

    The ease of CSS @font-face makes obstacles to web typography even more frustrating. There are end user licenses to navigate (or give up and turn to open licensed fonts) and the sometimes drastic rendering differences between platforms and browsers. Jonathan Hoefler, of Hoefler & Frere-Jones offers an intriguing perspective on the obstacles facing designing type […]

  • Link: Responsive Advertising.

    Published in: Web Development.

    Responsive web design is an emerging best practice in web development. Two things, however, are immediate, practical obstacles: serving appropriately sized source images and accommodating advertising. This article by Mark Boulton addresses the latter.

  • Creating Elmo.

    Published in: Life.

    Eli, though only a year and a half and, though we don’t own a television, is a big fan of Elmo. So, I decided to carve Elmo into our pumpkin this year for Halloween. Here’s the step by step: Draw Elmo First I sketched Elmo. Convert to Stencil Then I scanned the sketch in to […]

  • A New Direction.

    Published in: Life.

    Simplisticism was my first website; my first foray into the world of the web. At the time, I wanted to get my hands dirty with WordPress, so I set it up, made some minor changes to the theme and wrote a few articles. Times changed, I got busy, and Simplisticism became an afterthought. At some […]