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  • Christmas Music.

    Published in: Reviews.

    Christmas music is a hard sell for me. I would like to have more, but 99% of it is cheesy versions of the same songs, and it’s difficult for me to justify spending money on music I can only listen to for a month out of the year. Free Christmas music is a good compromise. […]

  • The Two Facets of Creativity.

    Published in: Life.

    Creativity is often erroneously thought of as a trait that you either born with or without. We are all born creative, but we lose it over time as we are taught to embrace reality. While some may be more naturally predisposed to creativity, we are all capable and we can work to cultivate it. Specifically, […]

  • How to Answer Your Phone.

    Published in: Life.

    With the proliferation of cell phones, here is the new rule on answering your phone: If you know the caller, answer by addressing the caller by name. If you do not know the caller, answer by giving your name. Examples: Unknown Caller: <ring> <ring> Me: Hi, this is Brent Known Caller (named “John”): <ring> <ring> […]

  • Auto-Populate Site Search with Terms.

    Published in: Web Development.

    I just designed and built a new site for a company who is shifting their online strategy from e-commerce to providing relevant content to their customers. One of the problems upon switching, however, was broken links. All the incoming links were bad: referrals, organic searches, everything. Unless your link brought you to the home page, […]

  • Spiritual Suicide.

    Published in: Theology.

    I already wrote about our sin nature, and our need to focus on “killing” it. The Christian scriptures speak of this notion of “dying to self” as the means to ridding ourselves of our sin nature. It is important to understand that we cannot dispense of our sin nature on our own. It is the […]

  • Let’s Get Clear on This.

    Published in: Theology.

    Sin, depending on your denomination, is either a popular or skirted subject within Christianity. Some are quite intent on making sure that we are all well aware of its existence in the world, and in ourselves. Others seem to want to avoid it at all costs. Regardless, Christian scripture returns to it regularly and it […]