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I’ve had a few conversations lately about podcasts and what podcasts I listen to. Most of them are web design and development related,1 but here they are:

  • This American Life

    The best radio program being broadcast.
    This American Life

  • Stuff You Should Know

    The main podcast for HowStuffWorks.com.
    Stuff You Should Know

  • The Big Web Show

    Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin interview big names in the web development world.
    The Big Web Show

  • Build and Analyze

    Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper, talks loosely with Dan Benjamin about mobile development. Very loosely.
    Build and Analyze

  • Back to Work

    Merlin Mann talks with Dan Benjamin about the nature of work and how to do it better.
    Back to Work

  • Hypercritical

    Likely the geekiest of the podcasts I listen to, John Siracusa discusses the minutia of various tech related topics.

  • The Talk Show

    John Gruber2 talks about his usual topics.
    The Talk Show

  • ShopTalk

    A new podcast from Chris Coyier3 and Dave Rupert. Focusing on front-end web development, it has special guests and a question/answer format.

  • The Critical Path

    This one is generally over my head. I listen to it when I’ve caught up on the rest of my podcasts. I also can’t get Christopher Walken out of my head while listening to Horace Dedieu discuss the mobile market.
    The Critical Path

  1. And from the 5by5 podcast network.
  2. of Daring Fireball.
  3. of CSS Tricks, which I highly recommend for its well written and accessible content.




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