Everybody’s A Critic: Atlanta Coffee Roasters.

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Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans

I stopped by this previously unvisited and unheard of coffee shop to pick some coffee beans for home. Tucked secretly in the Toco Hills Shopping Center, Atlanta Coffee Roasters reveals immense character behind it’s staid storefront and website facade.

The atmosphere is distinctly alternative and unpolished, lending a carefree and absent-minded feel. The layout is narrow and deep, with seating on the left and a long coffee bar absolutely covered by jar after glass jar of coffee beans. Atlanta Coffee Roasters is most certainly about the beans.

Several people work their laptops silently as quiet music plays. Talking sounds out of place.

A young woman with dyed hair and piercings works the register. She is immediately friendly, and, having asked for recommendations, she helpfully guides through the extravagant bean selection, pointing out the different roasts and regions. As she rings up my selection, I look over the various mugs, coffee brewers, and accessories by the register. They are disheveled and poorly merchandised, giving an air of neglect and purposed unimportance in comparison to the roasting priority.

As I leave, selected beans in hand, I am pleasantly surprised by this secret nugget of coffee culture. The parking lot is harshly uninteresting after the unexpected peculiarity inside.

I would definitely be interested in a revisit and, possibly, a little lounging.




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