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  • Everybody’s A Critic: Atlanta Coffee Roasters.

    Published in: Reviews.

    I stopped by this previously unvisited and unheard of coffee shop to pick some coffee beans for home. Tucked secretly in the Toco Hills Shopping Center, Atlanta Coffee Roasters reveals immense character behind it’s staid storefront and website facade. The atmosphere is distinctly alternative and unpolished, lending a carefree and absent-minded feel. The layout is […]

  • Simplisticism: n. A philosophy that….

    Published in: Life.

    …I made up. Well, I didn’t make up the philosophy; I made up the word. In a nutshell, it is the application of a less-is-more lifestyle. I know that I naturally gravitate towards complexity. Complex solutions, complex ideas, complex explanations. Simplisticism is my own effort to pare away the excess complexity of life and arrive […]