Hi. My name is Brent, and I’m a web developer at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.1 Writings is my personal blog. Here you’ll find my thoughts on religion, front end web development, and loose ramblings about life. It is unstructured and unfocused. My primary goal with this blog is to develop my written voice and style in order to improve my ability to articulate thoughts and form structured ideas.

Comments are, at the moment, disabled. I like conversation and discussion, but I also like the idea of invested thought. Comments invite rushed thought. So, if you have a response to anything I’ve written, please compose it and publish it on your website. I’ll read it, and we can have a thoughtful discussion.

In an attempt to keep the thought of a post streamlined and focused, I’ve placed tangential information in footnotes. I hope that this is helpful and not distracting. Or at least entertaining.

I like the “On …” title structure. It is borrowed from The Imitation of Christ2, which uses the structure for the titles of its chapters.3

  1. Insert obligatory “opinions are not those of the employer” disclaimer here.
  2. by Thomas à Kempis
  3. At least it does in the copy I own.